Bridal Guidelines

*Currently accepting bridal appointments only for weddings taking place after March 24*

Your wedding is a great cause for celebration, but the planning can also be a great source of stress: follow these guidelines to ensure your gown alteration process is worry-free!
Making your appointment   
     An appointment is required for all bridal fittings. Try to make an alteration appointment as soon as you obtain (or even order!) your gown: availability of bridal alteration services is limited, and spots fill up very quickly. Even if you have not yet obtained the correct shoes and undergarments, it is best to at least call to set an appointment for a later date to guarantee your spot: about 3 months before your wedding is recommended for the first fitting appointment, so plan to call or email to schedule your appointment about 6 months before your wedding.
     When calling for your initial appointment, please provide your wedding date (or date of departure if a destination wedding) as well as a general description of what types of alterations you think you will need on your wedding gown so Alyssa can plan for your fitting accordingly. If you have a picture of your gown feel free to email that as well. Please also be sure to specify that you are making an appointment for your wedding outfit, even if it is a "simple" dress or non traditional outfit such as a suit or jumpsuit (again, so Alyssa can plan her time accordingly).
The fitting process
  Please plan for your first fitting to be about 3 months before your wedding date (or if the wedding is not local, before your date of departure): the earlier, the better! This allows sufficient time between fittings to do the complex work required for most gowns. 
   Most bridal gowns require at least 2 and up to 5 fittings, depending on the range and complexity of the alterations required. Usually at the first fitting Alyssa will pin and measure for the alterations needed on the bodice of the gown. At the second, she will check the fit and pin for the hem and perhaps the bustle. The third fitting may also be the final one, or the process of pinning and alterations continues until the gown is perfect. Of course, the more extensive the alterations on the gown, the more fittings will be required. At the initial appointment, Alyssa will be able to estimate the number and nature of required fittings as well as provide an estimate of cost (subject to change if additional work is decided upon at a later date).
     Please note that due to the number of fittings required, Alyssa can only accept brides who live locally: experience has shown that out of town brides have trouble scheduling the required number of fittings to ensure a stress free gown alteration process.
    In addition, having the entire wedding party come in at once for fittings is not recommended: bridesmaids who need their dresses altered should plan to make separate appointments at their convenience (see our bridesmaid page).
Preparing for your fittings
    Please bring your wedding shoes to all fittings: this is a MUST; if you want your gown hem to be exactly the length you want, you must bring the exact shoes. This is required whether you are wearing high heels or flats. If you show up for your appointment without shoes or with shoes that are "kind of" the right heel height, Alyssa will be unable to fit your gown and will be forced to reschedule your appointment.
     Also purchase and bring the correct undergarments with you to all fittings, as these greatly affect both the fit of the bodice and the drape of the gown. These may include bras (strapless or convertible), adhesive cups, Spanx, or corsets. Bra cups may also be sewn in by request. As with shoes, Alyssa will be be unable to fit your gown and will reschedule your appointment if you show up without the correct undergarments, so please bring them with you! 
     While Alyssa understands that many people may want to be part of your gown fitting process, due to the small size of our space please bring no more than 2 guests with you to your appointments (children count as a guest). Please also note that our space contains many small/sharp objects and it is thus not recommended to bring small children who will be left unattended.
Happy wedding planning, and...
To make an appointment: call (518) 859-2459 or email

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