Bridesmaid Guidelines

*Currently accepting bridesmaid appointments only for weddings taking place after November 5*

A bridesmaid has many wedding duties: follow these guidelines for an easy dress fitting process so you can focus on the fun stuff!

Making your appointment

    An appointment is required for the initial bridesmaid dress fitting. Usually 4-5 weeks before the wedding (or date of departure) is recommended for bridesmaid dresses: the earlier the better! Be sure to call as soon as possible to secure your appointment, as bridesmaid spots fill up very quickly during wedding season. Exception for pregnant bridesmaids: if you are pregnant, your first fitting must be 2-3 weeks before the wedding to account for your changing body (please call at least 5 weeks before the desired fitting date to ensure availability and discuss options for your dress).

    When calling for your fitting appointment, please specify the date of the wedding (or date of departure if the wedding is out of town), as well as a general description of what types of alterations you think you will need for your dress so Alyssa can plan her time accordingly.

The fitting process

    Most bridesmaids require only 2 fittings but occasionally may require 3 or 4 fittings if additional adjustments are required. At the first fitting, Alyssa will pin the dress as necessary: unless the dress is more than a size too big both the bodice fit and hem length can be pinned during the initial fitting. If the bodice of the dress is more than a size too big or requires extensive alterations or redesign work, an additional fitting may be required to recheck the altered fit before the hem can be pinned (Alyssa will set a follow up appointment with you at your initial fitting if this is the case).

   For your second/final fitting appointment, please bring your shoes and undergarments to try on with the dress again. Usually the second fitting is also the final fitting, or the process of pinning and alterations continues until your bridesmaid dress is perfect.

Preparing for your fitting

    Please bring the shoes you will be wearing with your dress to all fittings: this is a MUST. This is required whether you are wearing high heels or flats. If you show up for your appointment without shoes or with shoes that are "kind of" the right heel height, Alyssa will be unable to fit your dress and will be forced to reschedule your appointment.

    Also plan to bring the correct undergarments with you to all fittings, as these greatly affect both the fit of the bodice and the drape of the dress. These may include bras (strapless or convertible), adhesive cups, Spanx, or corsets. Bra cups may also be sewn in by request. As with shoes, Alyssa will be unable to fit your gown and will reschedule your appointment if you show up without the correct undergarments.

    Please also note that our space contains many small/sharp objects and it is thus not recommended to bring small children who will be left unattended.


To make an appointment: call (518) 859-2459 or email

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